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CakeFlair Nigeria shines as a leader in the baking and confectionery industry, renowned for its innovative cake designs and commitment to crafting quality confections. Beyond its commercial success, CakeFlair's legacy is rooted in its dedication to skill development and talent nurturing, playing a vital role in enhancing local employment opportunities and elevating culinary expertise within the community.

CakeFlair Nigeria: Empowering Women Through Baking Excellence

How IIX’s Impact Partners Supported the Company:

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) provided crucial support to CakeFlair through its Impact Partners platform, refining CakeFlair's business model, enhancing financial planning, and measuring social impact. This assistance empowered CakeFlair to align its strategy with market demands and social impact objectives, particularly in empowering women in the baking industry. Subsequently, CakeFlair successfully participated in the Deal Room Summit, securing significant investment for expansion and advancing its social and environmental goals.

Why the Orange Seal:

As CakeFlair prepares for expansion, it seeks to attract impactful investment while furthering its social impact initiatives. The Orange Seal highlights CakeFlair's substantial contributions, especially in empowering women through employment and training, aligning its operations with investor expectations for financial returns and societal progress.

Key Highlights:

1. Embracing Diversity: Over 80% of CakeFlair's beneficiaries are women, and the company actively collaborates with ethnic minorities, challenging stereotypes and fostering trust.

2. Fast-tracking Gender Equality: With a workforce comprising over 50% women, CakeFlair ensures pay parity within its supply chain.

3. Climate Change Mitigation: CakeFlair provides training and capacity-building programs in sustainable and organic materials, promoting a greener value chain while empowering women.

Through the Orange Seal assessment, CakeFlair's commitment to women's empowerment emerges as a cornerstone of its impact narrative. Beyond business success, CakeFlair drives social change by providing training and employment opportunities to women in the local community. The Orange Seal enhances the visibility of this profound commitment, facilitating proactive communication with stakeholders.

Representation of Women & LGBTQIA+ Individuals:

  • Representation in Direct Beneficiary Group: Over 70%
  • Representation in Workforce: Over 90%
  • Representation in Leadership: Over 50%
  • Representation in Ownership: Over 50%
  • Workplace Diversity Practices: Maternal & paternal leave, Option to work remotely and worker-determined flexible working hours, Support for child care

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