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Detech Coffee, led by women in Vietnam, is renowned for its Arabica coffee production and steadfast commitment to social and environmental sustainability. With a predominantly female workforce, Detech sets the standard for gender equality in leadership. Partnering closely with smallholder farmers, especially from ethnic minority backgrounds, Detech prioritizes fair trade and community development. By blending financial success with integrity and social impact, Detech Coffee redefines industry norms, setting a progressive standard for ethical business practices and inclusive growth.

Detech Coffee: Pioneering Gender Inclusivity and Sustainability in Vietnam's Coffee Industry

How IIX’s Impact Partners Supported the Company:

Through the Impact Investment Readiness Vietnam program, Detech Coffee partnered with IIX to enhance its business strategy, financial models, impact assessment, and investor connections. With IIX's support, Detech Coffee secured $500k from a European-based impact investor and garnered interest from other investors. Detech Coffee's focus on empowering marginalized ethnic women, promoting sustainable farming, and environmental stewardship played a pivotal role in attracting investment.

Why the Orange Seal:

Despite its remarkable achievements, Detech Coffee faced challenges in articulating its impact narrative. The Orange Seal certification presents a pivotal opportunity for the company to showcase its gender-inclusive values and policies to stakeholders. This endorsement serves as a powerful tool, affirming Detech Coffee's commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility while enhancing its brand reputation. With the Orange Seal, Detech Coffee can effectively communicate its ethos, attracting like-minded consumers and partners, and furthering its mission of empowerment and sustainability in the coffee industry.

Key Highlights:

1. Building a Gender-Inclusive Planet: Detech Coffee prioritizes gender inclusivity, with over 50% of beneficiaries being women, underscoring the company's commitment to empowering women and supporting minority groups.

2. Enhancing Prosperity: Detech Coffee boasts a workforce where over 50% are women, reflecting inclusive policies geared towards providing economic and social benefits to all employees.

3. Climate Resilience at the Intersection: Detech Coffee collaborates with farmers, offering training in sustainable agricultural practices to build resilience against climate change.

The case of Detech Coffee illustrates the transformative power of Orange for impact and gender-driven enterprises, garnering attention from investors seeking a balanced approach in risk, return, and impact. Detech Coffee’s success story is a testament to the potential of Orange to foster sustainable business growth while contributing positively to social and environmental causes.

Financial Highlights (as of 2023):

  • Profit: US$500,000
  • Annual Turnover: US$14,000,000
  • Capital raised via Impact Partners support:US$600,000

Representation of Women & LGBTQIA+ Individuals:

  • Representation in Workforce: Over 50%
  • Representation in Leadership: Over 50%

Key DEI & Climate Practices:

  • Workplace Diversity Practices: Maternal & paternal leave, Option to work remotely and worker-determined flexible working hours
  • Climate Practices:Negative/Zero waste production

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