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CASE STUDY: Munyax Eco




Munyax Eco, spearheaded by Rwandan women, leads the charge in the renewable energy sector, specializing in solar energy solutions such as solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems. With a strong commitment to sustainability and gender inclusivity, Munyax Eco stands out as a trailblazer in empowering women while advancing environmental goals.

Munyax Eco: Setting the Standard for Gender-Inclusive Leadership in Renewable Energy

How IIX’s Impact Partners Supported the Company:

Despite its impactful business model, Munyax Eco faced challenges in highlighting its contributions to women's empowerment and environmental sustainability to attract impact investors. IIX's Impact Partners provided tailored investment readiness support, refining the business model, enhancing financial strategy, measuring impact, and engaging investors. This collaboration resulted in securing a €250,000 investment from Bettervest, showcasing Munyax Eco's successful balance of risk, return, and impact.

Why the Orange Seal:

Munyax Eco recognized the need to enhance communication and measurement of success to stakeholders, highlighting the company's inclusivity and gender-responsive practices. This strategic move underscores Munyax Eco's commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within its operations, amplifying its impact in the renewable energy landscape.

Key Highlights:

1. Exemplary Leadership: Munyax Eco, led by women, fosters a gender-empowering ecosystem, with over 50% of C-suite and leadership roles held by women.

2. Gender-Responsive Policies: Munyax Eco's commitment to gender inclusivity is evident in its strategies, with over 70% of targeted beneficiaries being women, leading to tangible impacts such as enhanced access to resources and achieving pay parity.

3. Championing Women in Climate Action:Munyax Eco empowers over 50% of its value chain participants who are women to actively contribute to climate change mitigation efforts, fostering climate resilience and prosperity.

At Munyax Eco, gender responsiveness is deeply embedded in the company's ethos, driving its culture and business practices. The Orange Seal accreditation validates Munyax Eco's commitment to inclusivity, empowering the company to transparently showcase its impact to diverse stakeholders.

Financial Highlights (as of 2023):

  • Profit: US$50,000
  • Annual Turnover: US$1,200,000
  • Capital raised via Impact Partners support:US$275,000

Representation of Women & LGBTQIA+ Individuals:

  • Representation in Direct Beneficiary Group:Over 50%
  • Representation in Workforce: Over 50%
  • Representation in Leadership: Over 50%

Other DEI Metrics and Climate Outcomes:

  • Specially-abled in Workforce: >50%
  • Carbon Emissions Avoided/Offset: 5000 tons of CO2 annually

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