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IIX is the pioneer in building an inclusive impact investing ecosystem focused on empowering women, gender minorities, and the underrepresented as indispensable contributors to the global economy and critical enablers in the climate transition. IIX focuses on the gender-climate nexus, building community resilience and elevating the power of women as solutions to climate change.

what is orange?

What is an ORANGE SEAL?

Developed as part of the Orange Movement™, the Orange Seal is an objective measurement and rating tool that reflects an organization's dedication to Gender Equality and Sustainability. Its recognition is pivotal in advancing The Orange Movement™'s mission to empower women, girls, and gender minorities by identifying business models and value chains focused on gender-lens impact.

Enterprises and projects aiming for a resilient and green future can use the Orange Seal to underscore the vital role of women and girls in sustainability efforts. Likewise, Community Engagement initiatives benefiting women, girls, and gender minorities can utilize the Orange Seal for easy identification and tracking, reinforcing a commitment to inclusivity and measurable impact within communities.

The Pillars of orange Seal

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through transparent policies and environmental practices, ensuring integration across all organizational facets

The Orange Seal assessment methodology integrates indicators from the Women's Economic Empowerment Index by UNDP, UN Women & UNCDF. It emphasizes DEI integration into the organization's mission and human capital, environmental management, and transparency around these policies.

mission and vision

Mission & Vision

DEI in the organization’s mission and intention


Human Capital

DEI in leadership, workforce & supply chain



DEI policies and transparency practices




Building on +14 years of effectively mobilizing gender-lens capital of US$418 million, IIX is accelerating inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth through the Orange Movement™ - with the mission to empower 100 million women by unlocking $10 billion in capital by 2030.


The Orange Movement™ champions a world where gender equality is standard, fostering a sustainable future rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion. With women comprising over 50% of the global population, unlocking their potential drives transformative change, accelerating climate action, sustainable peace, and economic stability.


Powered by IIX’s last-mile data-driven impact reporting tool - IIX Values™, the Orange Seal is a toolkit that ensures women, girls, and gender minorities are given a voice and value. By adopting the Seal, organizations commit to prioritizing gender equality and diversity in their operations, strategy, and mission.

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